Magician's Insurance Policy (Bundle) by Royal Magic

Magician's Insurance Policy (Bundle) by Royal Magic

Fun, Inc.


This isn't just the standard Insurance Policy effect...with this bundle, you can make it a running gag throughout your show! Trust me, this is the only way to do this trick.

A single round gets chuckles, but when you reach for the policy again, and again, and again after repeated failures to find the selected cards, the magic gets stronger and the laughs get louder as the policy keeps changing to match the selections!

Each time you miss, you read through the gags quicker, getting to the punchline faster, which also adds to the comedy. You'll need to choreograph your switches...if you need ideas for that, I've got plenty.

This bundle comes with five policies - 2 of Hearts, 3 of Clubs, 3 of Diamonds, King of Hearts, and the Queen of Hearts!

Printed on thick paper for durability. Made in the USA by Royal Magic.