Machine (Phoenix Edition) by Aaron Fisher

Machine (Phoenix Edition) by Aaron Fisher


Available for pre-order

Machine is the most powerful Color Changing Deck on the market, and finally is also available as a Phoenix Edition. Aaron Fisher started with a classic self-working effect by Dai Vernon, then he added a powerful visual transformation. He finished by working out the routine over thousands of performances. The 35 minute instructional video is directed by world-class magician Wayne Houchin. It includes everything Aaron learned along the way!

  • Only requires basic card handling. You’ll be performing this miracle in minutes. Promised.
  • The most powerful Color Changing Deck effect on the market.
  • Totally Examinable. After performing Machine, proceed with a clean deck. It’s commercial and can be performed in every close-up scenario imaginable!


  • Turn a red deck blue or a blue deck red! You’ll receive both gimmicks for one low price.
  • Makes a perfect closer, and the ideal follow up to Aaron’s hit Vanishing Deck effect Panic!
  • This Phoenix Edition also includes a red Phoenix Deck and a blue card case, so that it is completely self-contained.