Panic (Phoenix Edition, Red) by Aaron Fisher

Panic (Phoenix Edition, Red) by Aaron Fisher



Imagine an entire deck of cards instantly and visually changing places with four cards that were in your pocket! You see the deck, and BAMMO! The deck is gone, and the four of a kind is staring you in the face.

Magicians around the world call Panic the "Best Vanishing Deck Routine ever" – adding it to your repertoire will be an instant upgrade for your magic. You’ll look like a total pro no matter what level you’re at and you’ll feel the change in the reactions you receive from your audience. Aaron Fisher has a knack for inventing tricks that look like true magic and Panic definitely falls in to that category.

  • Requires no skill. If you can hold a deck of cards you can start amazing your friends in minutes. You won’t believe how easy it is to learn.
  • Perform it close-up, standup or surrounded on the street. It looks like real magic!
  • Instantly resets. Totally Examinable. Totally Commercial. Whether you’re performing for friends and family, or high-profile corporate clients, you’ll love having Panic in your pocket.


  • Comes with 45 minute online video instructions, directed by world-class magician Wayne Houchin.
  • Makes a stunning opener, amazing middle or a powerhouse closer. One of the most popular card tricks in magic!
  • Includes Phoenix gimmicks and a red Phoenix Deck, it is completely self contained.