Vortex by Dan Harlan

Vortex by Dan Harlan

Penguin Magic


From the creative mind of Dan Harlan comes a bizarre addition to the world of card magic.

Imagine being able to blur the lines of what is real and what is imagined in a simple card effect. With Vortex you are able to create what can only be described as Real Life Special Effects.

A participant selects a card, and while the magician displays the card along with another of the same value, the two become visually connected...stuck in a strange time warp! Was what I just witnessed real? Is it really possible to alter reality with visual proof? We may never know, but with Vortex we can make it look like we can bend reality.

Vortex is an ingenious gimmick that you can carry with you at all times so you are able to perform this miracle anywhere, any time.