TV Card Frame by Tony Karpinski

TV Card Frame by Tony Karpinski

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A card is selected and returned to the deck, which is shuffled. The magician draws the audience's attention to a wooden frame standing on the table. He then shows two transparent sheets of plastic bound tightly together with rubber bands. The bound sheets are then fitted on the frame. The audience can see right through the transparent sheets. The magician holds the frame in his hands.

The deck of cards is then thrown towards the transparent sheets. The cards strike the surface of the sheets and fall to the floor...except one! When the participant tries to take the card off of the sheets, they cannot, because the card is BETWEEN the sheets!

Dramatically, the magician turns the sheets around and the card is found to be the selection! Applause is heard for miles!

The wooden frame is made from the finest American walnut available. Inlay is used on both uprights & the horizontal base. The inner mechanism is made of music wire and designed for a lifetime of use. Also includes the two transparent plastic sheets and instructions.

Dimensions: 11.0 x 9.0 x 4.0