The Las Vegas Lecture by David Neighbors - Lecture Notes

The Las Vegas Lecture by David Neighbors - Lecture Notes
The Las Vegas Lecture by David Neighbors - Lecture Notes
The Las Vegas Lecture by David Neighbors - Lecture Notes
The Las Vegas Lecture by David Neighbors - Lecture Notes

Wunderground Magic


Although these are lecture notes, they are essentially a book...but they are not written for the beginner. Most routines use gimmicked coins. The second half consists of concise descriptions of coin sleights. Line drawing are used throughout.


1 Super Fly: a coins across at the fingertips using 4 halves and a shell and a coin purse
2 Three Back: a 3-fly effect with the coins travelling back to the first hand. Uses a double Hoo coin, 3 halves, and a rattle gimmick
5 Coffee, Tea or Ramsay: Three coins vanish from the hands one at a time to appear in a coffee cup. Uses a rattle gimmick and the double Hoo coin
8 Silver Alchemist: Three brass coins change to silver one at a time. Silver coins placed in the purse have changed to copper. Uses coin purse, 2 halves, 2 Chinese coins, Chinatown half, and 3 English Pennies and a close up pad.
11 Flow Assembly: a coin matrix routine
12 Passing Through Again: a stand-up version of Coins Thru the Table. Uses a coin purse, half, English Penny, Mexican Centavo, and Two Copper/One Silver gimmick
14 Sandy Gets the U.R.G.E.: Three coins jump hand to hand and then into a purse with the help of a sea shell. Uses a Two Copper/One Silver gimmick, coin purse, Mexican Centavo, half, sea shell, rattle gimmick and a close up pad
17 Framed International: Three coins are produced from and vanished into a purse frame. Requires a Topit, coin clip, purse frame, half, Two Copper/One Silver gimmick, and a bag.
20 Invisible Placement: a routine starts with invisible coins, that become visible, then vanish. Uses a rattle gimmick, coin purse, Topit, three coins with matching shell.
24 Cardless: a Chink-A-Chink routine without the cards. Uses shell
27 Animation: a matrix effect with a reverse ending and using only one card. Uses shell.
28 Silver Brass Transposition: Three halves transpose with three Chinese Coins one at a time. Uses shell.

30 Moves, Slights, Utilities, Etc..Etc..
31 Toss Vanish: a single coin vanish
32 Finger Palm Click Pass
33 Fingertip Utility Switch
34 Soft Palm Technique: silent classic palm multiple coins
35 Fingertip Retention Vanish
36 Matrix Moves: Flip Over Load, Fleshman Flipdown Steal, Front Facedown Load, One Ahead Load, Matrix Snap, Dingle Twist Around Move
38 Kurtz Classic to Finger Palm Transfer
39 Bic Nac Attack: a muscle pass move
40 Palm to Palm Switch
42 Spider Vanish
44 Placement Vanish
45 Friction Pass Utility Switch
46 Pop Up Move
48 Han Ping Chein
50 Covered One Hand Switch
51 Utility Switch Finesse
52 Drop Click Pass
53 Thumb Palm Multiple Transfer
54 Double Shuttle Pass
55 Friction Click Pass
56 Pushout Shuttle Pass
57 Thumb Palm Click Pass
58 Trap Vanish
59 False Counts: Three approaches to count three coins as four
60 A Classic Vanish
61 Classic French Drop
62 Classic Palm Click Pass
63 Covered Utility Switch
64 Shelled Visual Drop Change
65 Ramsay Coin Thru the Hand

Publisher: L&L Publishing
Pages: 65
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Date: 1997
Binding: Comb-bound
Condition: Very good