The Hunch by Hugo Valenzuela

The Hunch by Hugo Valenzuela

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Simple, original, and easy to transport!

The magician gives a choice of card to an assistant. The magician concentrates and says, "I have a hunch." 

Then the magician shows a pendant that he's wearing. The pendant transforms into a heart and the magician asks if the Ace of Hearts is the card.

The assistant will say "It's not"...

The magician turns the necklace into the 2 of hearts which will also not be the selected card. Once again the magician tries to name the card by unfolding a paper accordion with hearts that was in the necklace.

This will also not give in the value of the card.

Finally the magician will ask for a cell phone to turn on the flashlight. In this way, the magician will reveal a small magician (Merlin) that is transparent in the necklace and reveals the chosen card!

It can be illuminated with a flashlight, lamp or sunlight.

It comes with a leather bag that protects it and an online tutorial.