The Ghost Thread Reel (Jumbo) by MAK Magic

The Ghost Thread Reel (Jumbo) by MAK Magic

MAK Magic


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The Jumbo Ghost Thread Reel is a 4" invisible thread reel that gives you just the right length of invisible thread in a compact unit that can be concealed anywhere. While the thread is invisible, you can instantly gain access to it by merely grabbing the wax ball, and moving out from the reel to an object such as a table edge, deck of cards, or book as an anchor.

The Jumbo Ghost Thread Reel clips under the jacket collar, inside the edge of the shirt, or top of the shirt pocket, anywhere that the thread will have a non-restricted path feeding out of the reel to the anchor point.

The benefit of the Jumbo version, as opposed to the Mini, is that you get 10 to 12 feet of retraction distance, for a truly epic floating bill effect!