The Complete Al Leech by Al Leech

The Complete Al Leech by Al Leech

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Although it has become somewhat of a cliché to advertise a publication as having “something for everybody,” The Complete Al Leech not only gives you the content of all of Al Leech’s output...including classic card, thimble, and billiard ball tricks and also spans the material of a lifetime of an enlightened amateur creator and performer. The beginner and the expert will be equally pleased.

Table Of Contents:

Foreword by Roberto Giobbi
Chapter One: The Smart Slant on Misdirection
Chapter Two: Moves and Sleights
Chapter Three: Card Demonstrations
Chapter Four: Aces, Four-of-a-Kinds, and Gambling
Chapter Five: Pick-A-Card
Chapter Six: Ambitious Sandwich Transpositions
Chapter Seven: Gaffs and Other Bits-O'-Business
Chapter Eight: Not Cards
Chapter Nine: Ball Manipulation
Chapter Ten: Thimbles
About the Editor
Index of Publications & Tricks

Pages: 280
Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.8 x 1.0
Hard Cover with Black and White Illustrations