Steranko On Cards by Jim Steranko - Book

Steranko On Cards by Jim Steranko - Book

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Steranko is one of the most talked about legends in card magic. His avant-garde moves and ideas have set trends, goals and patterns for magicians. 

This newly published version with modern day commentary by Chicago card expert Terrence Francisco revisits the topics that made this book a card classic.

Chapter One - Fundamentals
Chapter Two - Action Center Reverse
Chapter Three - Positive Card Control
Chapter Four - Lateral Palm
Chapter Five - Multiple Shift
Chapter Six - Card Miscellanea
Chapter Seven - Cues on Cards
Chapter Eight - Quick Trix
Chapter Nine - Trio
Chapter Ten - Aces in Abstraction
Chapter Eleven - Card Eclipse
Chapter Twelve - Dead Man's Hand Finale
Chapter Thirteen - Fantasy Card Routine
Bonus Section: Chapter Fourteen - Concerning Steranko Annotations by Terrence Francisco

Pages 114 - Hardbound