Rough & Smooth Spray Grid

Rough & Smooth Spray Grid



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For the foolproof and professional preparation of Rough and Smooth projects, Card-Shark developed this innovative Spray-Grid.

Now you can easily produce your own Invisible Decks, Brainwave Decks, and many more like the pros!

This Spray-Grid allows the space-saving and efficient rough and smooth preparation of up to 54 poker size cards (e.g. Phoenix or Bicycle). Never again will you have to deal with cards flying around during spraying, sticking together or other unexpected mess. Due to the tight positioning, the roughing fluid is applied very efficiently.

Also includes special card-covers for half-sprayed playing cards. With these covers you can easily prepare half-sprayed playing cards for surprising and new effects. The special construction of the covers allows soft blends instead of sharp obvious edges.