Queen Choice (Find the Queen) by Damien Vappereau

Queen Choice (Find the Queen) by Damien Vappereau

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Damien Vappereau revisits "B'Wave" by Phil Goldstein. Discover a simple, automatic, direct and confusing version for the public. 

The magician presents some cards face down while explaining that they are the four Queen. He then puts a card aside, still face down. Then the effect begins:

  1. A participant chooses a color; the magician shows that he had predicted this color choice.
  2. Then, the participant names a Queen, and the magician returns the card to the table. It is indeed the Queen named by the participant.
  3. To finish the magician returns the three remaining cards on the table. By putting them together like a puzzle, they form the named Queen.

Very simple, easy to present. You receive an internet link to access an explanatory video.