Pick Me by Mickael Chatelain

Pick Me by Mickael Chatelain

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Take out of your jacket pocket a deck of cards, a marker and some stickers and invite a participant to sign a sticker with the marker. A card is freely chosen & signed and lost in the deck...the deck is put back in its case and the case is sealed with the signed sticker.

Pick up the sealed case with your fingertips and slip it into a pocket of your jacket...your hand hardly goes into the pocket, yet it immediately comes out holding a single card between thumb and index finger! It is the signed selection!
  • There is no forcing!
  • The card is signed!
  • No manipulation! It seems impossible and yet, the trick really works AUTOMATICALLY!
  • The case is really sealed by a signed sticker!
  • The reset is immediate! No preparation!
  • The gimmick, because there is a gimmick, is diabolical! The method will drive you crazy!
  • The gimmick is beautiful! Completely invisible!
  • Use your own ordinary deck of cards!