Not Just Coins by David Neighbors - Lecture Notes

Not Just Coins by David Neighbors - Lecture Notes

Wunderground Magic


Great lecture notes from the living legend, David Neighbors. David is known for his cutting edge coin work, but in these notes he shares his routines with other items besides coins! But don't worry...there are still some coin gems in here, too.

Contents include: 

  • David Neighbors Visits The Three Ball Trick
  • From The Attic
  • Coins Across To China
  • Let’s Get Wild
  • Stand Up Progressive Pocket Jumpers
  • In Your Hands Color Monte
  • Bubble Gum Embarrassment
  • No Gaff Ring Flight
  • Ring On Wand Transposition
  • Two Card Reverse Changers
  • Stand Up Triple Change Wild Coin
  • Vanishing Free Flight
  • Moveable Hole
  • Jack Daniels Matrix
  • Color Changing Knife
  • New Vanishing Matrix
  • Sugar Packet Trick

Publisher: David Neighbors
Pages: 38
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Date: 2014
Binding: Comb-bound
Condition: Very good