Non-Sense by Wayne Dobson

Non-Sense by Wayne Dobson

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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Wayne Dobson has come up with a new set of telepathy cards using the 5 senses replacing the ESP symbol cards, creating an engaging, attractive presentation hook.

In the main Non-Sense routine, you and a participant each hold a matching set of 5 cards showing images of our five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. You each shuffle your packets, and in turn you lay your prediction card down first, whereupon the participant decides on the one she thinks will match it. This is repeated for each of the five cards.

When you show the cards, with no sleights or messing about, the participant has matched each of your predictions! And best of all, throughout there are no annoying discrepancies in the handling: everything is clean and above-board. Plus there are some delicious moments of bare-faced cheek! 

Non-Sense comes with 30 custom printed special cards in a special designed card box, a complete telepathy act with a three phase routine with PDF detailed written instructions:

  • The Introductory Test
  • The Telepathy Routine
  • The Bonus Routine - Sixth Sense, Second Sight