No Credit by Gwilym Bugeja

No Credit by Gwilym Bugeja
No Credit by Gwilym Bugeja
No Credit by Gwilym Bugeja
No Credit by Gwilym Bugeja
No Credit by Gwilym Bugeja
No Credit by Gwilym Bugeja

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A genius way to vanish a Credit / ID Card!

Performing magic with a participant's borrowed object has always been one of the most impactful (and comical) effects you can do - especially If it's of huge importance to them. So, in a world where less and less people are carrying money; borrow their credit/bank/ID card instead and do something truly outstanding they'll never forget.

All the way from Malta, we bring you Gwilym Bugeja's signature trick and a card to impossible location you can always bank on. No Credit is a versatile utility device that lets you vanish or steal their card right under their nose with no palming or funny moves - It's as simple as just placing it in an envelope. What you then do with it is entirely up to you, but we're supplying you with a neatly gimmicked concertina style card holder so you can reveal their card impossibly placed in the middle of all yours.

As you can see from the professional performances in the video, No Credit is a real working effect for close-up, cabaret and stage. Adaptable with a wide variety of presentations, you'll be given three hugely entertaining routines to get you started;

Master Pickpocket - Retrieve their hidden card without even touching them! Cheekily replace it with your business card or a blank credit card to give the impression you've literally stole their identity!

Bank Night - Play Russian roulette with your participant's bank card! Mix up a number of envelopes (only one containing their genuine card) and cut them up with scissors one at a time until there's only one left. Just when your audience think the trick has gone wrong and their card was ruthlessly destroyed you reveal it safe and sound in your card holder... PHEW!

Transposition - A simple and powerful routine where their card changes places with yours in totally separate envelopes!

Remember, No Credit is not just limited to these routines. Once you 'vanish' their card you can have it appear in any impossible location you like.

No Credit was designed to be used with Credit or ID sized cards but can also be used with other similar size or smaller objects including rings and coins.

You'll Receive:
  • The No Credit Vanishing Gimmick
  • Spare Envelopes
  • Blank Credit Card
  • Multi-Credit Card Holder with Clip
  • Tutorial and Routines
(Credit Cards Not Included)

No special refills required. Additional envelopes can be purchased from your local stationary store.

No Credit. A card to impossible location you can always bank on.