Nick at Night by Craig Logan

Nick at Night by Craig Logan

Patrick Redford


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“Nick at Night is the only item in my show that I didn’t create. I love it.” – Patrick Redford

Nick at Night is bold enough to open with and strong enough to close an entire show with.

Craig Logan has blended together two plots in mentalism to create the perfect opener.

A group of numbered envelopes are held in the performer’s hand. Audience members call out the numbers on all but one of those envelopes. After each envelope is selected, the performer crushes it into a small ball with his bare hands and tosses it aside. When the final, remaining, envelope is opened a very sharp, very real, razor blade is carefully removed and used to slice up the remaining envelope for a dramatic finish.

Is it the perfect opener or the perfect closer? You decide.

You’ll receive all the props you need to perform Nick at Night and an online instructional video tutorial teaching you every detail.

Must be 18+ to order.