Monarch (Half Dollar) by Avi Yap

Monarch (Half Dollar) by Avi Yap
Monarch (Half Dollar) by Avi Yap
Monarch (Half Dollar) by Avi Yap
Monarch (Half Dollar) by Avi Yap
Monarch (Half Dollar) by Avi Yap
Monarch (Half Dollar) by Avi Yap

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After 10 years of working with coins, Avi Yap has finally agreed to share with us his coin work through a series called "Art of Coins." Each chapter will share some of Avi's beautifully crafted routines that was reserved for his personal working repertoire. There's no better routine to kickstart "Art of Coins" than Monarch.

So what is Monarch? Simply put, Monarch is Avi's handling of the classic "Chink-a-Chink" effect. But there's so much more than, with a decade in the making and being one of Avi's oldest creations, Avi have spent a substantial amount of time to refine every aspect of the routine. What you will learn in this project is not just an effect or a trick, but an accumulation of experiences that Avi has worked and gathered over the years. Whenever Avi performs, this is usually his go-to routine, and after learning it, you will understand why! It's straightforward and highly visual! You could even perform it completely surrounded. What's more, is that this routine is surprisingly easy to learn and do! If you want an effective icebreaker, you can't go wrong with Monarch.

Included in this project is not just the routine, but everything you need necessary to perform the routine. Teaming up with the high end coin making company, Alchemist, the gimmick you will receive is amongst the best quality in the world!

In addition to the Half Dollar version, there are 3 other options available:

1. Quarters - suitable for performers who prefer to perform the routine with borrowed coins. Gimmick included; you provide the quarters.
2. Morgan Replica - suitable for performers looking for the best visuals.
3. Walking Liberty - suitable for performers who prefer a vintage aesthetic. 

It does not matter if you are beginner, enthusiast, or a working professional, we believe you will be able to get something out from this project. Diving into the mind of Avi now as he finally shares his coin work, starting with this, Monarch.

DISCLAIMER: You will need to supply your own coins for the Quarter & Half dollars option. The sleights demonstrated and coin ring are not included with the purchase.

"Avi is by far my favorite magician of this era. Just when I thought I have seen his best stuff... He shows me this. The thinking and execution is off the charts."
- Chris Kenner

"That's beautiful!"
- Wayne Houchin

"Avi's coin matrix is the stuff legends are made of. Put down the coin TRICKS and get ready to start doing coin MAGIC"
- Luke Dancy

"As some may know about my love of Matrix. Avi's approach is just BEAUTIFUL. I love how pure and artistic this looks. Rad."
- Will Tsai