Miracle Pickpocket by R. Paul Wilson

Miracle Pickpocket by R. Paul Wilson

Penguin Magic

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"Paul has married an imaginative conceit to a baffling penetration and the result is pure magic." - David Regal

"This routine has it all; a crystal clear premise, a bullet proof method and loads of audience involvement. Minimal pocket space, and an instant reset make this a no-brainer." - Ian Kendall

Miracle Pickpocket is a simple effect that is incredibly baffling. R. Paul Wilson has taken a classic effect in magic, and given it a couple of clever twists that will delight your audience.

Here’s what happens:

A coin is confirmed to be tied onto a loop of string. Five other coins are then threaded onto the loop with the coin threaded through the string locking them into place as an example of an ancient wallet for money with holes in the center. It would take a miracle to remove the coins from the string. The spectators hold the loop on a marker which is then covered by a napkin. With a gentle shake the coins penetrate the cord falling into the magician’s hand proving. At the end everything is examinable.

Miracle Pickpocket has an engaging presentation taught in detail by one of the foremost sleight of hand artists in the world. In addition R. Paul Wilson also teaches some optional phases including a visual penetration of the cord through the coin.