Mastermind Wallet by Magic Makers

Mastermind Wallet by Magic Makers

Magic Makers


Read the mind of another and you'll have them in the palm of your hand!

Have your participant write something inside the wallet close it and then seal it with rubber bands. Then take the wallet and place it in your pocket. You now know the exact thought written down in the wallet without even having to open it up! 

Easy to master. Easy to astonish!

History In Magic
The secret of this effect can be credited to the Mind Readers Billet Reader. Nelson Enterprises sold this billet reader effect in the 1950's/1960's. Years later Tenyo released a similar effect called Mind Scanner. Since then others have put out versions using the same secret.

Rob Stiff of Magic Makers has innovated the technology in the design of this effect bringing your performances to the next level. The secret something is better made than ever before!