Mangle Metal Bender by Christopher J. Smith

Mangle Metal Bender by Christopher J. Smith

Penguin Magic

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"Before seeing this in action and being tipped the gimmick, I was not really into mental bending. Now, no metal is safe around me. This is the way to do this!!" - Jon Armstrong

Metal bending is some of the most powerful visual mentalism accessible to today’s magicians. Mangled is a custom designed gimmick to put monster bends into the hands of any performer. Designed by Christopher J. Smith, Mangled is an easy to use tool that is ready to go right out of the box.

  • Machined from 7000-series aluminum with hard black anodization.
  • Flat black finish for better concealment.
  • Universal aperture for utensil handle bend.
  • Slot to gain leverage over fork tines, as well as keys and other metal objects.
  • Integrated magnet for easy ditching.
  • Two optional hookups for pull or reel attachment.