Magnetic Pencil by Chazpro Magic

Magnetic Pencil by Chazpro Magic

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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The Magnetic Pencil is an accessory item for coin effects like vanishes and changes, PK and psychic stunts, mentalism and more.

Routine examples:
  • Tap a coin on a participant's hand and it changes to a mini coin.
  • Mentally locate the pencil in a group of envelopes.
  • Make the pencil stand on your hand.
  • Use your 'mind' to make the pencil move while covered by a glass.
  • Drop the pencil in a paper tube, where it stays until you tell it to drop.
These routines and many more are possible. (Note: props for the above routines are not included, but are available for purchase separately)

Includes 1 Magnetic Pencil and routine suggestions.