Invisible Thoughts by Chris Rawlins - Book

Invisible Thoughts by Chris Rawlins - Book

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Invisible Thoughts will reinvigorate your appreciation and excitement for a tool that you already own.

Invisible Thoughts is a new work on and with the Invisible Deck.

These notes cover everything from set up through to routines and a brief history of the deck itself.

Chris's full and most used Invisible Deck routine is included for the first time, during which you reveal an unspoken thought that only exists in your participant's mind. It really does look and feel just like you are inside their head!

You will be given one of the best ways to hand out your business cards to potential clients.

You will learn new language, new clarity, new displays and convincing details to enhance, support and refine your use of this universal utility.

The Invisible Deck is something we all use, and something that can even play equally as strong on Zoom, Skype and any video call. It continues to stay relevant and be performed worldwide. There is a reason that this deck has not been forgotten. It is one of the greatest card tricks you can perform for an audience.

Elevate your performances of this modern classic with Invisible Thoughts.