InstaCAAN by Joel Dickinson

InstaCAAN by Joel Dickinson

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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InstaCAAN is a fantastic method for the card at any number plot, and Joel’s clever thinking makes an amazing kicker possible!

Imagine this: After placing a prediction card face-down, you introduce a deck of cards and a participant or two decide on a number between one and fifty two. The cards are freely counted down to your participant's decided number, arriving at one card. Amazingly, their selection matches your prediction perfectly. The effect doesn't stop there, though, as you have now set up your audience for the unexpected finale. You spread the deck of cards face up, revealing every card is completely blank, leaving your audiences astounded.

Now get this: at this point, everything is completely examinable. The blank deck, the chosen card, the prediction, the box, everything!

  • Comes complete with everything you need
  • Adapt this method to any deck of cards that you like
  • Available in Blue and Red Bicycle cards
  • Easy to learn and the reset is almost instant
  • Comes with online instructions and bonus ideas/handlings