Himber Card Wallet Plus by Alan Wong

Himber Card Wallet Plus by Alan Wong

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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This genuine leather Himber Card Wallet is custom made for poker size playing cards and can be used with most packet tricks and business cards or folded bills.

Himber Card Wallet Plus has additionally included two brown Tyvek Himber Card Envelopes as a set, which gives you the options from two way out to eight way out, if you wish.

The Himber Card Wallet can allow you to make a card appear or disappear in the wallet, which means you can perform cards to impossible locations at ease.

Also included are three professional routines by Wayne Dobson plus Alan Wong's own favorite routine:

MISSING THINK - Participant's freely selected card disappeared and reappeared inside the wallet -TWICE.

PERSONAL FX - Three business cards correctly predict where someone places their mobile phone, keys and wallet.

MENTAL ALL BACKS - Participant names any card, then shows a misprinted deck of all backs, with a wave the whole deck is printed and the participant's named card is now in the wallet.

WONG WAYOUT - With a shuffled borrowed deck, the participant handles the cards, deals any number of cards into different piles and freely chooses any one pile. The top card on their chosen pile matches your prediction inside an envelope in a wallet openly placed in front of them all the time.