Gum Tool Plus (Juicy Fruit) by Mike Clark

Gum Tool Plus (Juicy Fruit) by Mike Clark

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

Available for pre-order

The creator of Revise 5, Mike Clark, is finally releasing his next greatest!

Mike Clark is a candy fascinated magician. In 2017, he released his multi-color changing gum trick, Revise 5, which was a huge success. After working for close to 2 years, Mike is proud and excited to share with you his most favorite magic trick today. Say hello to Gum Tool Plus (GTP).

As per name suggest, GTP is not a trick but a tool where it allows you to change the gum pack into anything with just a simple stamp move.

With the purchase, you will receive pre-made gimmick gum packs. Ready to perform out of the box. In an hour detailed instructional video, you will learn everything you need to know to perform GTP, taught by the creator himself!

Not only that, as a bonus, he will teach you how to rebuild the gimmick in any gum pack designs.

If you love candy & visual magic, don't miss out on this!