Gravity Flipper (Half Dollar) by Roy Kueppers

Gravity Flipper (Half Dollar) by Roy Kueppers

Roy Kueppers


Casually show two half dollars in your hand. Close you hand, when you open it up again there's only one coin!

These precision made coins do all the magic. There are many routines possible with Flipper Coins. Show two coins in one hand and show your other hand an instant you have one coin in each hand!

Thanks to the recent work of Troy Hooser, Nate Kranzo, Garrett Thomas, Josh Jay, and several others, the flipper coin is experiencing a tremendous resurgence. Kueppers' Gravity Flippers have the thinnest-possible groove, and it’s deep enough for two standard bands or one Forever Band. The inner coin is shaved & re-edged to match its originally minted edge.