Gozinta Balls by Wunderground Magic

Gozinta Balls by Wunderground Magic

Wunderground Magic


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This is mind-bending close-up trick and the perfect way to start a sponge ball routine!

A red box is opened to take out a smaller black box. The black box is opened to reveal a small colored sponge ball. The magician explains that the black box fits inside the red box because of the sponge ball. The ball is removed, and the red box is closed.

The audience commands the red box to shrink by saying, "Shrink, shrink, shrink!" To prove that it shrunk, the red box is now placed perfectly into the black box, which should be impossible! The magician explains that this is possible due to the ball in the smaller box. And sure enough, when opened, the red box now has a colored sponge ball in it.

As if this wasn't completely baffling already...the entire sequence is repeated AGAIN, with the black box shrinking and fitting into the red box, and a sponge ball appearing within.

As a finale, the boxes are made the same size by saying "Equilibrus!" The magician explains that sometimes peculiar things happen when you say "Equilibrus," and to prove this, he opens his hand and shows that the last ball that was produced has grown to a jumbo sponge ball!

This effect is based on the Gozinta Boxes routine by Lubor Fiedler & Toru Suzuki.