Genii Magazine, October/November 2022

Genii Magazine, October/November 2022

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NUMBER 10-11
October/November 2022


FISM Quebec 2022 by by Dustin Stinett
  • Simon, Shoot, and The Magic Castle by Dustin Stinett
  • Contest Coverage by Craig Mitchell
Tenyo 2023 by Richard Kaufman
  • 2022 Tenyo Magic Festival by Yuki Kadaya
A Night to Celebrate by Dustin Stinett | Academy of Magical Arts 2022 Awards Reception


Genii Speaks
 by Dustin Stinett
In Memoriam
  • Martin Lewis by Mike Caveney
  • Aye Jaye by Arthur Trace
The Eye by Vanessa Armstrong
Exhumations Mathematician vs. Psychic vs. Magician by Jon Racherbaumer
Chamber of SecretsAstarte by John Gaughan
Thoughts ... On Practice by Rafael Benatar
Cardopolis Raynaly's Sandwich by David Britland
ArtificesSpongeball Finale by Roberto Mansilla
Expert at the Kids' Table An Intriguing Question by David Kaye
Magicana by Jonathan Friedman
  • Predicto Coin by Dibya Guha
  • C.A.A.D. (Card at Any Domino) by Joe McKay
The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Shawn McMaster
  • Now Appearing at The Magic Castle

Books Reviewed by David Britland
  • Ionia: Magician Princess Secrets Unlocked by Charles Greene III
  • Taylor-Made Magic: The Life of Merv Taylor by Leo Behnke
  • Mosiac by Perseus Arkomanis
Tricks Reviewed by Mark Phillips
  • "Collard 2" by John Archer
  • "Decision Point" by David Regal
  • "Black Ops Watch" by James Keatley
  • "Self-Vanishing Headphones" by Lloyd Barnes
  • "I Hate Card Tricks" by Stephen Bargatze
  • "Very Wild" by Boris Wild
  • "Perro Verde" by Mario Lopez
  • "The Blade" by TCC and Treey
  • "Scorpion" by Bobby Motta and Craig Filicetti
  • "Bipolar" by Ram Cohen
Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
  • Card College 3 & 4: Personal Instruction by Roberto Giobbi
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