Flipp-Tipp by Rocco Silano

Flipp-Tipp by Rocco Silano

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.


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With Rocco's new Flipp-Tipp, you will have the ability to instantly produce various objects like silks, bills and even glitter from your fingertips while showing your hands completely empty!

But wait, there's so much more that you can do with this unique little device. You will have the ability to do color changing silks, bill switches and even vanish a silk into the palm of your hand and make it instantly reappear at another location like someone's pocket, purse or even on the top of their head!

Those are only a few effects that you can perform. With Rocco's new Flipp-Tipp, the possibilities are endless!

  • One Flipp-Tipp
    One Flipp-Tipp Insert
    One Yellow Silk
    Two Red Silks
  • 35 minute instructional download where Rocco Silano and Perry Maynard will teach you over 16 tricks, tips and routines that are possible with your new Flipp-Tipp.