Finger Tip by Vernet Magic

Finger Tip by Vernet Magic

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.


These finger tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines. The Finger Tip is made of hard plastic, and fits the majority of fingers. With this Finger Tip you can perform all the tricks done with the Thumb Tip, but you can also fool the people that know about the Thumb Tip.

The Vernet Finger Tip is one of the most utility items in magic that allows you to perform miracle effects. It can be used in close-up, parlor, stage magic or mentalism. You can do vanishes, appearances, productions, transformations and restorations. It's perfect for amateurs and professionals.

To learn the coolest, most powerful five to six effects with your finger tip, buy Hand-Picked Astonishments: Thumb Tips. Instruction by expert magician Joshua Jay with meticulous detail and clarity.