Dream Box by JOTA

Dream Box by JOTA
Dream Box by JOTA
Dream Box by JOTA
Dream Box by JOTA

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Imagine a gift box with multiple activities for the participant to choose that allows you to predict a surreal experience that will be unique and unrepeatable!

Dream Box allows you to predict with a PRINTED VOUCHER a surreal experience chosen by one or more participants.

You give a participant a credential from the beginning of the act.
Then you ask the audience to make different choices about places, music, drinks and celebrities that, together, make a unique and unrepeatable experience.

At the end, you show that inside the credential there was a printed voucher with the exact choices they had just made!

It seems impossible but it is possible!
  • No stooges, forces or changes.
  • It is easy to do and you can predict all possible combinations.
  • It resets in seconds.
  • It can be performed for a single person or a large audience.
  • Choices can be made by different people randomly.
  • No matter what they choose, the experience will be unique and unrepeatable and you will be able to predict it.
Includes a box with all the necessary elements for the act and an online tutorial video with complete routine and extra ideas.