Devil's Bandana (Blue) by Lee Alex

Devil's Bandana (Blue) by Lee Alex
Devil's Bandana (Blue) by Lee Alex
Devil's Bandana (Blue) by Lee Alex
Devil's Bandana (Blue) by Lee Alex

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This wickedly clever utility device can be worn (if you wish) as a neckerchief, bandana or face covering.

"Every magician needs a Devil's Hank: it's an essential tool for good magic. Lee has created one of the FINEST you'll ever obtain."
Jeff McBride, creator of the Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas.

The DEVIL'S BANDANA comes in a choice of either RED or BLUE (traditional bandana colors) emblazoned with a specially designed MAGIC THEME featuring white rabbits, top hats and playing card pips.

The bandana measures a whopping 20 inches (50 cm) square and features a 'NO SNAG' POCKET, which disguises the items after you have vanished them.

The secret pocket contained within the DEVIL'S BANDANA allows you to vanish large items at ease. We even fitted a full bottle of wine in the pocket comfortably before making it vanish in a more conventional way!

The DEVIL'S BANDANA can also be used to produce items.
  • Measures 20 inches square
  • Purpose printed magic themed silk satin fabric
  • Available in red or blue
  • Features concealed buttons to help find the pocket with ease
  • Unique design made from a single piece of fabric for extra strength
The largest, most magical devil's handkerchief available today!