Destroyers by Troy Hooser & Joshua Jay - Book

Destroyers by Troy Hooser & Joshua Jay - Book

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An immediate sensation when it debuted years ago, Destroyers remains relevant, innovative and "highly recommended" (Michael Close, MAGIC Magazine). This is the highly sought after out-of-print 1st edition from 2001. The book is in excellent condition.

Acclaimed author Joshua Jay takes you on a whirlwind tour of over forty routines and sleights, each one explained with thoughtful prose and distinctive illustrations. You will learn over a dozen coin routines that require no table, how to levitate a small mask, how to produce a bottle from nowhere, and how to produce a padlock from two rubber bands. 

"Destroyers is filled with killer magic that is both audience tested and practical. Learning Troy's material is well worth your time and investment"
- Bob Kohler

"Highly recommended for the serious student...Top notch and well thought out...Destroyers is the reason that the flipper coin has become so popular."
- Dr. Michael Rubenstein

"Destroyers has been instrumental in my own magical development. Any serious student of magic would benefit from careful study of Troy's entire body of work."
- Eric Jones

Pages: 167 - Hardcover - Black and White Illustrations