Card Warp by Roy Walton

Card Warp by Roy Walton

Wunderground Magic


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One of the most baffling effects in the history of card magic...yet it is so simple to perform!

A single playing card defies all the known laws of logic. The card is folded in half lengthways so that only the back design shows. The card is then pushed through a cardboard folder and as it emerges from the other side is seen to be now inexplicably face up! The audience can visibly see that half the card is face up and the other half is face down. For the finale, the card is torn at the mid-point, and given to the participant!

The playing card is an ordinary one. No extra cards are used, nor are there any difficult sleights to perform.

The printed instructions include 19 illustrations to make learning a breeze. Use your own cards - an ideal use for that worn-out deck. Card Warp is a trick you’ll enjoy doing and your audiences will enjoy seeing!

BONUS: Just to help you learn this quicker, we include a set of two Bicycle cards that have been folded as described in the instructions. Colors/values vary.