Coinage by Juman Sarma video DOWNLOAD

Coinage by Juman Sarma video DOWNLOAD

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.


Have you ever wanted perform a solid through solid effect that is completely IMPROMPTU and PRACTICAL? Then this is for you!

A solid pen/toothpick/pin/pencil passes through a solid metal coin held between a piece of paper.

The impossible feature is that you STAPLE the paper. Yes! You read that correctly. You genuinely staple the paper to show that the coin never moves during the effect. EASY TO DO and also VERY VISUAL.

"It's simple but very powerful and fooling if done correctly"
- Juman Sarma

You can instantly hand everything out to the spectator to examine.

Perfect for live performances as well as for social media magic.

This is Coinage by Juman Sarma

Download it now!