Beyond by Mystic Slybaba video DOWNLOAD

Beyond by Mystic Slybaba video DOWNLOAD

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Is it possible to make the greatest card effect of the last century even better?

Mystic Slybaba has thrown his hat into the ring and presents beyond a revolution on the classic Out Of This World with an addition of a second phase even more impossible than the first.

You will learn a new handling that allows you to perform this impromptu miracle with a freely shuffled deck in use making it a true working effect. Mystic Slybaba has reworked the original so there is no need for the clean up usually required before the reveal creating an original final display.

If that isn't enough there is more. It is in the Second phase where you will learn Beyond. Mystic will teach you in depth instructions how to take a mystery and make it a true miracle. The cards are called one for one and shown instantly no longer need to wait to reveal they are correct. This is as close to a prue Out of this world as you can get. No culls, no gaffs, pure magic.

Everyone can learn and do the first phase in an afternoon. If you have never performed magic this one is the one you need to learn. Out of this world is a simple thing but truly powerful. The second phase however will need many hours of practice and dedication to perfect.