Ungravity Bills by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD

Ungravity Bills by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.



Imagine you borrow money from your spectator. You fold the money, then put it onto the corner of the other money. When you let go, the money will balance by itself and will not fall. It will seem to defy gravity. For the ending you simply blow the money and it will fall onto the spectators hand and they can examine the money.

  • No magnet
  • No thread
  • No IT
  • No glue or adhesive
  • No elastic
  • No counterweight
  • No wire
  • No sharp thing attached
  • Works with all currencies
  • Works with borrowed money
  • Unique method easy and simple
  • Perform this anytime anywhere
  • Fully examinable before and after
  • Preparation in seconds
  • Clean and impressive ending.
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