Ring Wraith by AJ Stouse video DOWNLOAD

Ring Wraith by AJ Stouse video DOWNLOAD

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Ring Wraith is super visual, easy to master, and the ring can even be examined.

The Glide: As you outstretch both hands, fingertip to fingertip, a ring is seen to glide across one finger and onto another.

Balance: A ring is seen to impossibly balance at the tip of your finger.

Vanish/Reappearance: A ring completely vanishes then reappears in your hand at a moment's notice.

This tutorial teaches you everything you need to know on crafting the gimmick, as well as 3 unique effects you can achieve with it. This effect is best for lower light environments and online performances. Though with enough practice and with the tips in the download can be done anywhere at any time.

Download the video and learn now!