Unlock Change by Guillermo Dech video DOWNLOAD

Unlock Change by Guillermo Dech video DOWNLOAD

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.


Color changes are one of those effects magicians must have on their repertoire. Simple, easy and visual, these are a quick way to earn the respect of your audience. But what would you tell me if to that beautiful effect you add the possibility of doing it in impossible conditions, with the card completely enclosed and blocked.

Introducing Unlocked Change!

A simple and ingenious tool that will allow your color changes to look like witchcraft. Change a card enclosed between clips, elastics, headphones, bills and many more objects!

You receive:
  • More than 10 routines and applications
  • Detailed explanation of more than 30 minutes
  • Solid through solid bonus effect
  • Tips, theory and much more!
This is not a trick, it is a concept that will open new doors for you in the world of magic. What are you waiting for... Check it out!