Wrapped Up by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD

Wrapped Up by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.


Have you ever been so wrapped up in something that you just dont think it will ever straighten out? Well this effect will do just that to your audience. With just a spool of yarn, (cotton) this effect is so clean and quick, it will send your spectator's mind into thinking how impossible it will be to straighten out the bundle of yarn.

With good setup and sleight of hand, you can perform this anywhere. This misdirection is so clever, that even a magician might not recognize it! There is no gimmick involved and good setup is the key to creating this effect.

It is a quick piece of magic and works great for closeup.

Surprise your audience and show them how quickly you can straighten out anything when your all wrapped up.

Download the video and learn now!