Enchanted Band By Sanchit Batra video DOWNLOAD

Enchanted Band By Sanchit Batra video DOWNLOAD

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Bored with levitating rubber bands?

Fan of levitation?

From the mind of Sanchit Batra; we are proud to present you Enchanted Band

Imagine you take an ordinary band you levitate it half way and then you create different animations with it just imagine you approach a women you're meeting her for the first then just by magic you show her rubber band levitating in the shape of HEART Wow,You've made your impression or you're making rubber band possessed and its moving in your finger's direction.

Yes! You heard it right you can create unimaginable shapes with it.

This is Enchanted Band.

I will teach you 3 unique and exclusive animations and then this principle is yours you can perform real magic with it.

Note: tutorial is in complete English with step by step explanation.
Thoughts from the professional magicians:

"Enchanted Band is full of potential, Sanchit Batra has added some great things to my Frozen Band."
- Hanson Chien

"This looks cute Sanchit"
- Hondo Chen

It took me 3 years to release this effect and I am keeping this principle since so long but now I want people to know this and have fun with it.

Important information:

- Gimmick setup in seconds and very easy to do
- After 40 min of explanation you can perform in real world
- No audience management
- Doesn't matter if your not rubber band magician, this gem is yours
- Completely examinable before and after

Download now!