Stealing Silver by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD

Stealing Silver by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD

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Robbers steal gold, and magicians steal silver. It's even been said that in ancient history silver has special powers. And, that's exactly what you will show your audience once perfecting this illusion... STEALING SILVER.

Silver coins will pass from one hand to the other. Each coin vanishes from one hand, and reappears in the other. It appears to be a vanish and then poof, one by one each coin reappears in the other hand. Skilled sleight of hand has to be perfected to create a smooth natural transition of the coins. The misdirection is clean and very clever. You will have mystified your audience after the 1st coin passes, and by the 6th coin your audience will be like a thief in the night trying to steal your silver that posses special powers.

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