Waves by Guillaume Botta and Thomas Rembault video DOWNLOAD

Waves by Guillaume Botta and Thomas Rembault video DOWNLOAD

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A perfect opener for reset. During an observation test, the four Aces are put away and each King is isolated under any object. In a blink of an eye, the Aces become the Kings and the spectator can reveal each Ace under each object.


This reset is my favorite. It's a mix of ideas from Bebel, Paul Harris, Helder Guimaraes and Guillaume Botta. The moves are very safe, direct and visual. At the end, the double transposition happen in the hands of the spectator without any sleight of hands... A worker !


A visual transposition between four aces and four kings. A very nice change and a clean climax.


An adaptation of the Duck change by Hiro Sakai. This reset is practical and flash. You will love it.


A little killer effect. The cards will change places not two times but FOUR TIMES ! Best of all, it's very easy and you will test it immediately.


A very flash version by Thomas Rambault. The secret move to change the cards at the beginning is very deceptive and you finish with a Snap change.


A double transposition between four jacks and a chosen card... The first effect will blow your mind.

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