LTA Bill Switch by Juan Pablo video DOWNLOAD

LTA Bill Switch by Juan Pablo video DOWNLOAD

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"Can you change this One-Dollar bill into a One-Hundred-Dollar bill?"

Now with LTA Bill Switch you will be able to fulfill your audience's request!!!

A few years ago, Juan Pablo created an impromptu version where you can transform four, examinable One-Dollar bills (the spectator can even lend you the bills), into four examinable One-Hundred-Dollar bills!!!
  • No gimmicks.
  • No glued bills.
  • No magnets.
Now Juan will share his final word on the subject. He will teach you, step-by-step, every detail to make this routine a true miracle. With an easy set-up, and just eight normal bills this will become an essential effect in your impromptu daily magic arsenal.

About Juan Pablo:
Juan Pablo is an expert on bill switches and money magic. His innovative creations on the subject are always a game changer. In the past few decades, he revolutionized the world of bill switch with his unprecedented "Juan Hundred Bill Switch", where a Dollar changed into a Hundred with no cover, and no gimmick. And recently with "Size Does Matters" he managed to change not only the value but also the size of the bills. Perfect to perform with Euros, Pounds, and any currency with different size bills.