Book of Champions by Jacob Smith video DOWNLOAD

Book of Champions by Jacob Smith video DOWNLOAD

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They are sacred, divine and can be found nearly anywhere!

The Book Of Champions 2.0 takes the prior version of this wonderful routine and brings it to all new highs with a Psychomechanical principle that can be applied to almost any booklets you already do, whether it's an extra phase or just an impromptu wonder!

It looks like this...

A spectator grabs a book and confirms that all the pages are different.

The spectator stops the performer on a page and, while in their own hands, thinks of apparently any word on the page.

The performer begins picking up on the spectator's thoughts right away and telling them how they thought of their word.

Finally the mentalist looks into the spectator's eyes and reveals the thought-of word to amazement and disbelief while, again, confirming that she thought of more than one word!

It's as simple, direct and clean as that!

Join Jacob on a journey back through his hometown creating music, video and remarkable mentalism that will go into your working sets.

Open up and become part of the story of the Book Of Champions 2.0.

Download the video and start learning this mental miracle!