Royle's Commercial Close-Up Magic Card Trick Routine by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

Royle's Commercial Close-Up Magic Card Trick Routine by Jonathan Royle Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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This is a real "worker" of a card routine, taught by way of four videos (combined duration of 32 minutes), a PDF and 85 full-color photographs. Once mastered, you will want to immediately add this routine to your repertoire.

This truly fast-moving routine combines Roy Walton's "Oils & Queens" from The Complete Walton Volume One, a variation of Alex Elmsley's "Twisting the Aces," the Invisible Palm demonstration, and a handling of the card transposition effect made famous in more recent years on TV by David Blaine.

These effects have been blended together into a fast-paced, 3-minute routine. It has multiple "wow" moments of hard-hitting, memorable magic. For almost three decades, this routine has been honed to perfection in the real world of performing, by Jonathan Royle.

The entire routine appears to use only 8 playing cards (there are actually 9). However, you'll be able to get more moments of amazement and true entertaining card magic out of those few cards than many attempt from a full deck!

Have you ever been in wine bars, clubs or indeed, any other licensed drinking premises when someone has asked you to show them a card trick? Were there times when you, for whatever reason, did not have a deck of cards with you?

Have you experienced that feeling of dread when, after asking the bar staff if they have any playing cards, you are presented with a dog-eared deck which has clearly been abused? They were perhaps soaked in alcohol and, in short, should have been disposed of a long time ago. In fact, those 52 cards (if there are 52) are now as thick as a house brick!

Well, even in these circumstances, Royle has always been able to find enough cards in the deck that are borderline in good enough condition to be able to perform the routine taught in this package!

Royle has also been using this routine professionally in his close-up magic work since as far back as 1989, and it has always served him well.

In fact, when Royle was doing table-hopping in restaurants, the vast majority of the time, he just had the cards for this routine set inside his shirt's breast pocket. Inside his jacket's breast pocket would be the set of cards for Royle's Ultimate Ambitious Card Routine. During this audience-tested routine...

* Red and black cards change places.
* Spot cards transform into the four Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces (your choice).
* Four cards turn invisible one by one and then back to visible again.
* Two cards held in the spectator's hand escape, and magically change places with two cards held in the magician's hand.
* One by one, the cards turn ever more magically, amazingly, and impossibly face down whilst others turn face up.
* The entire series of visual card miracles is blended together into a logical, fast-moving, 3-minute routine.