Confessions of a Celebrity Psychic by Jonathan Royle - ebook DOWNLOAD

Confessions of a Celebrity Psychic by Jonathan Royle - ebook DOWNLOAD

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A lucrative sideline to any magical or hypnotic business can be working as a Psychic Entertainer and Fortune Teller! Within the pages of this unique publication, Royle teaches you cutting edge cold-reading techniques which will enable you to tell someone their past, present and future with the greatest of ease and accuracy. Numerous mind control style reading and mentalism routines are also explained in depth, giving you enough material to perform a complete act or show as a Psychic entertainer.

If you've ever seen psychics like Derek Acorah, Colin Fry or John Edwards on TV and wondered 'How do they do that?' then wonder no more as this book "Confessions Of A Celebrity Psychic" exposes the truth and teaches you real world "Cold Reading" techniques, which will make you look like a truly genuine Clairvoyant!

Perhaps you've been amazed by the Powers of Psychic Metal Bender Uri Geller or Spiritual Healers like Mathew Manning or even Evangelical Preachers such as Benny Hinn and want to know how they might be performing their apparent miracles?

Well now for the first time in rint, Dr. Jonathan Royle examines ways to duplicate all of these Psychic Type Stunts, and along the way he'll even teach you how to Hypnotise Animals and become a Master of Derren Brown Style Mind Control Feats.

For many years Royle worked as a "genuine" Psychic and was featured extensively in International Media and on Top TV Shows and now he is ready to lift the lid and expose his tried, tested and proven to work approaches of Psychic Belly Button Reading, Healing & Mind-Reading, along with Paw Reading for Dogs (Pawology), Tree Slapping, Hose Pipe & Tea Bag Readings and other Bizarre forms of fortune telling with which he had the Experts fooled!

Indeed British national newspaper "The Sunday People" described Royle's Psychic abilities in a 1996 article as "uncannily accurate" and in the early 90's Psychic News dubbed him as "The New Uri Geller & Doris Stokes rolled into one".

Whilst Royle freely admits that all the Psychics mentioned here may actually be genuine, he is also aware of how their feats can be duplicated with trickery and clever psychology and that's exactly what he teaches you within the pages of this dynamite book!

Using the Secrets this book contains, Royle has been featured in International Media doing amazingly accurate Psychic readings for such people as Princess Diana, The Spice Girls, Claudia Schiffer, Madonna, Cher, Olympic Swimmer Sharon Davis, Boxer Frank Bruno and numerous other A-List celebrities.

And as an added bonus Royle also explains Numerous Mind Reading Routines & the Secrets this book contains on obtaining Massive TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazine Publicity are worth many times the cost of this book alone to any Magician, Mentalist, Fortune Teller or Showbiz Performer!

For the first time ever, Royle also reveals his secrets of belly button reading, healing and mind reading which helped him to international media publicity as he became psychic and mind therapist to the stars. Pawology (reading dogs paws), tree slapping and hugging, hose pipe reading, psychic publicity stunts and many more topics are covered in detail.

If you are a Psychic Entertainer or Reader looking for something novel to add to your repertoire that will get you noticed then this is the book for you! If you'd rather not get great advice on how to gather lots of Free Media Publicity for your talents then bypass this book!

As far as readings is concerned you will learn about Belly Button Reading and Pet Paw Readings. His method of Belly Button Reading - nicely named as Navel Gazing - is a case study of how to take a standard New Age belief (such as Chakra Points) and turn them into a convincing, commercial and fun method of reading.

You may not take up Navel Gazing Yourself but you will certainly be inspired to come up with your own original reading methods. This is also the first time I've seen mention of Psychic Healing in a text for Mentalist's and his handling of it is something I find acceptable. You don't make any outrageous claims and what you do could well actually help people!

What's great in particular about this book is that it doesn't just give you some great "how tos" but also tells you WHAT to do with the methods. You'll find out how he has successfully used his methods of Belly Button Reading and Paw Reading for pets to regularly get on Radio, Television and to get lots of features in National Newspapers and Magazines.

As if learning how to read Belly Buttons and Dog's Paws isn't enough you also get a heap of stunts suitable for the Psychic Entertainer that are practically guaranteed to get you noticed! Whilst some of them may not be entirely original, Jonathan gives them an update and puts his own unique spin on them. Some of them are risky however and it has to be said you'd need to be pretty sure of your aims to want to carry them out.

Where else would you find valuable information on publicity gaining gems as "Hosepipe Readings" or creating designer babies by Astrology?

All in all, this is a valuable resource for anyone interested in gaining a reputation as a Psychic Wonder Worker - Royle's Cold Reading methods are amazingly simple and yet uncannily effective & Powerful!

"A collection sure to upset many Mentalists and Psychic Entertainers with its revelations and details!"
- Kenton Knepper

"This is interesting, Strange, but interesting. In fact I think that it is the strangest book on Mentalism that I have ever read"
- Kennedy

"Mr Royle's suggestions, advice and routines are solid, practical and seem to be grounded in experience! Someone who tried this approach would probably recoup their investment quite quickly!"
- Michael Close

Pages: 295 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT