The Wunderground Friday-Five! (June 19th, 2020)


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It's the "Monday Funday" edition of the Friday-Five!

Josh Wilde, here, with all the magic news that fit to print!

I apologize for running late this week...but it's for a good reason! The website is finally up and you can now buy items directly from the newsletter and the site without needing to call me! (But you can still call me if you prefer.)

If you order something online and just want to pick it up in the store, there's a Local Pickup option during checkout, so you won't be charged shipping!

It's going to take a month or so to get everything we have in the showroom listed on the site, but I'll be adding to the site on a daily basis, so check back often! As always, if you don't see something you'd like, just ask me and I'll do my best to get it for you.

We'll be open to the public by July 1st...until then, just drop me a line and let me know when you'd like stop by for a visit!

This week's list has a bit of everything, so without any further ado, let's get to this week's Wunder Wish-List, where we feature five new items and one forgotten treasure!

Pre-Order Only

There's not much people get excited over more than money! Not just money, but STACKS of it!

Stacked is the ultimate in money magic.

Imagine you take a pack of cards from the box, and while holding the cards you pass your finger through the deck asking someone to stay stop.

They remember the card they stopped at, and then you attempt read their mind.

You look them in the eyes and tell them the EXACT card they were thinking of!

Their mind is blown and you look like the world's great magician...

Just then you remind them, this is why you get paid the big bucks!

In a FLASH the ENTIRE deck of cards turns into a fat stack of 100, 50 & 20 bills!

You can spread the bills to show BOTH SIDES!

There is nothing to see except cold hard cash!

Stacked is super easy to perform.

It is self-working and very easy to learn. Stacked comes complete with online video tutorial.

Comes complete and ready to go!

Watch a demo here.
Cost: $29.99 + tax

To Order: Click here to purchase.

Once paid, your item will be reserved and it will be available to be picked up or shipped within the USA on 06/29/20.

What is the smoothest loading wallet possible?
A wallet you don't load.

The Regal Cop Wallet was built from the ground-up with exacting precision and attention to detail. The basic workings are described in Regal's best-selling book Interpreting Magic, but David decided to manufacture a perfect version. A wallet fashioned and finished to meet one goal: Be the best wallet with which to perform the effect Card to Wallet.

No extraneous actions, no tell-tale sensation of loading.

Crafted from supple black leather, every element of the wallet has been attended to in order to produce an extraordinary tool with which to complement your card work. From the lining, to the polishing of "special elements," to the silver zipper pull selected for visibility, this is a wallet that incorporates multiple facets that, together, make for a dependable, deeply deceptive moment of magic.

It's always ready to go.

As the name implies, The Regal Cop Wallet is gimmicked in such a way as to be a perfect complement to the removal of a card from the deck via the Gambler's Cop. If you do not currently perform the Gambler's Cop, not to worry - David thoroughly explains how to execute the sleight in the video instructions, and it is a move you will use for the rest of your life.

And it's a perfect peek wallet.

Best of all, The Regal Cop Wallet is currently being made available at a low cost.

Watch a demo here.
Cost: $44.99 + tax

To Order: Click here to purchase.


172 pages with photos and illustrations.

The editor of Vanish Magic Magazine, Paul Romhany, went through and selected his favorite picks from the third year of Vanish and has released them all in a beautiful hard cover book, the Collector's Edition, Year Three.

LIMITED TO ONLY 500 COPIES - once sold, NO more will be printed.

You will get 27 magic tricks from the third year and 33 essays. There is a wide range of magic covered from close-up, mentalism, kids magic to stage illusions. The essays by some of the world's leading performers discuss how to get more work, sound system advice, advertising techniques and more.

This is a limited edition and, once gone, NO MORE WILL BE PRODUCED.

Contributors to Vanish Magic Magazine during year three include Wayne Rogers, Richard Webster, TC Tahoe, Tim Mannix, Danny Archer, Tony Chris, Louie Foxx, Ted Outerbridge, Charles Bach, Gregory Wilson to name only a few.

Cost: $64.99 + tax

To Order: Click here to purchase.

Warper is a revolutionary gimmick that lets you do an extremely visual card change.

Imagine a Joker turning over or visually changing into the participant's selected card, a signed card whose back changes in color by simply passing through the deck. These are some examples of what you can do with this new tool by Laurent Villiger and Olivier Mistral.

The presentations and effects are countless. To get you started, Laurent Villiger concocted four incredible routines as well as ideas and bonuses that will be detailed step by step in an explanatory video.

The key points are: Warper doesn't use flaps, magnets nor threads. It is easy to perform, very visual and can be totally customized, you can use your own deck of cards.

Comes with a red or blue Bicycle back. Please specify which you prefer.

Watch a demo here.
Cost: $24.99 + tax

To Order: Click here to purchase.

Secret Servante is a utility device which allows you to secretly dispose of, or steal out, small objects such as folded cards, coins, finger rings and billets.

Secret Servante can be fitted to your jacket within seconds, and requires no tailoring or safety pins. It is lightweight and designed specifically for close up situations. It's suitable for right and left handed magicians - indeed, you can fit it on BOTH SIDES of your jacket to give you double the potential. It can also be attached to your belt.

Secret Servante is quick and simple to use. Just drop your arm down by your side, and your hand will automatically fall to the perfect natural position to use this incredibly useful utility device.

Once you have Secret Servante you will appreciate the vast potential, a bit like the thumb tip. You will be able to produce, vanish, switch and ditch items - in short Secret Servante will open up many routines to you that perhaps in the past you may not have been comfortable in performing, or perhaps not been able to practically perform. It will make your magic CLEANER and more magical.

"This is my new best kept secret. Don't 'hold out' on buying it"

Watch a demo here.
Cost: $37.49 + tax

To Order: Click here to purchase.

The Forgotten Treasure!

This is a fun documentary on a fascinating subject! I found one and only one in our Bin of Forgotten DVDs.

On command, those who have joined a hypnotist on stage seem to enter into another reality. But it's hard to believe it's anything more than play acting.

Many researchers believe hypnosis can allow us access to hidden memories, help us overcome phobias and be used to manage pain? Intense debate surrounds the topic of hypnosis; is it real, is it safe? Many scientists dispute its very existence, while others insist upon its value.

This DVD explores the history, beliefs and latest research on hypnosis to see if it can tell us about our limitations and our possibilities!

Running Time Approximately 47 minutes.

Watch a demo here.
Cost: $9.99 + tax

To Order: Click here to purchase.

That's it for this week, fellow Wunderworkers! Here's some profound wisdom with Grandpappy Wilde: "Good judgement comes from experience. Too bad experience comes from bad judgement!"


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