The Friday-Five (June 12th, 2020)

The Friday-Five (June 12th, 2020)


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It's the "Just in the nick of time" edition of the Friday-Five!

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Josh Wilde, here, with all the magic news that fit to print!

A special shout-out to all of the wonderful customers making appointments and making the store feel alive again!

I've packed this week's list with some great new magic that I've been demoing in the shop...we've got a new effect that fits in your wallet, a classic (yet overlooked) text on card forces, an unbelievably simple gimmick that allows you to produce any small object at your fingertips, and so much more!

We'll be open to the public by July 1st...until then, just drop me a line and let me know when you'd like stop by for a visit!

Let's get to this week's Wunder Wish-List, where we feature five new items and one forgotten treasure!

Pre-Order Only

Debut is a visually surprising way to produce small objects at your fingertips!

Utilize this clever gimmick in your pre-existing routines or a use it in a straightforward impromptu situation for friends and family.

A great magician takes advantage of every possible situation and Debut allows you to turn ordinary moments into something captivating and impressive!

Dry lips? Magically make a chapstick visually appear at your fingertips! Need a sharpie? Boom! Make a sharpie appear! It looks like real magic and can be done with an unlimited number of small objects.

Debut was designed by the Abstract Effects team, taking the classic small object appearance to the next level, sleight of hand can only look so magical but with Debut, those simple magic moments get a serious upgrade.

Show your hands cleanly without any palming and make any small object visually appear with Debut!

Watch a demo here.
Cost: $24.99 + tax

To Order: Call us at 248-280-5925, or email us at:

Once paid, your item will be reserved and it will be available to be picked up or shipped within the USA on 06/22/20.

Dusheck returns with his first release in decades! And, to kickstart his return, he partnered up with Steve Shufton to produce an improved version of his fabulous Diminishing Cards!

Steve Dusheck will tell you, he has five favorite effects in all of magicdom - and the diminishing cards ranks high on that short list. These diminishing cards are very unique, and have a number of features that make these a must-have for any performing magician.

This is the ONLY diminishing card effect in the WORLD that offers all of these distinct features:
* Perform close-up or platform
* Only diminishing cards that grow back!
* Works with any back design
* Instant reset!
* Precision die-cut
* Printed on casino-quality stock
* Faces match most popular brands
* Cards stay in same order as they shrink
* Incredibly clever solution!

Watch a demo here.
Cost: $19.99 + tax

To Order: Call us at 248-280-5925, or email us at:

Artifex proudly presents to you an incredible credit card routine!

With Creditka, everything happens in the participant's start with a devastatingly direct ACAAN effect; after a card is chosen and a random digit from the credit card number is picked the card is located AT the chosen number IN a shuffled deck.

Then the kicker...they look back at the credit card but the digits are no longer there; instead, they see the name of the selected card IMPRINTED where the numbers were a minute ago!

Editor's note: I love effects like this because I'm always trying to find tricks that fit in my wallet. Almost every credit card in my wallet now has it's own routine...and Creditka just became my newest addition!

A true 21st-century miracle in your wallet.

▪ Classy modern effect
▪ Resets instantly
▪ Easy to do
▪ Direct and practical
▪ You WILL perform this
Classy modern effect
Resets instantly
Easy to do
Direct and practical
You WILL perform this

Watch a demo here.
Cost: $29.99 + tax

To Order: Call us at 248-280-5925, or email us at:

Dubé Juggling has been my go-to source for quality juggling equipment for decades, and I'm very happy to announce that we'll now be carrying their line of gravity-defying apparatus!

Whether you need juggling knives, balls, clubs, diabolo, fire staffs, balancing balls, crystal balls, or juggling hats, we'll have you covered!

Dubé also offers a wide range of books and DVDs to learn from, making the learning curve much less intimidating! (I also offer private juggling lessons if anyone ever wants to jump start their juggling skills!)

Nearly all of Dubés products are proprietary and made by hand in NYC, so you know you're getting the best!

Nothing promotes social distancing more than someone practicing with their new set of juggling knives!

To Order: Call us at 248-280-5925, or email us at:

imp1a 1

Have you been looking for that perfect card force for a certain trick? Have you been using the same one or two forces over and over for years? If so, you may soon be caught. It's time to learn more!

The Encyclopedia of Impromptu Card Forces is the first encyclopedic book on card forces. Many of the forces have never appeared in print before. Hundreds of forces are taught in this tome, including: Combination Forces, Blind Forces, Count Forces, Equivocation Forces, Locator Forces, Stop Forces, Spelling Forces, Cut Forces, Forcing Formulas and much, much more.

This book is out of print, and quantities are don't delay!

Cost: $24.99 + tax

To Order: Call us at 248-280-5925, or email us at:**

The Forgotten Treasure!


An astounding magic trick done with math!

This is an original Creative Crafthouse design based on math magic from the book, “ The Collected works of Alex Elmsley,” by Stephen Minch. The 8 different alder wood swords are very cool and give the trick a nice flare. Each sword has 6 different numbers on it (48 different numbers in total). The swords are about 5 1/2" long and 1/4" thick. They will come strung on a chain for your convenience and can easily be separated as shown in the photo.

Let a participant select one of the swords and then a number on that sword, keeping that number a secret. You can even have up to 8 people select a sword at random. You then have them simply indicate the shapes (square or circle) surrounding the numbers on the sword, making up a lie about the shape surrounding the number they chose. At no time do they say aloud any numbers and at no time during the trick are you able to see the swords. Astonishingly, you will be able to correctly name the number(s) chosen.

Designed and made in Spring Hill, FL.

Cost: $19.99 + tax

To Order: Call us at 248-280-5925, or email us at:

That's it for this week, fellow Wunderworkers! Here's some profound wisdom with Grandpappy Wilde: "Let us all be happy and live within our means...even if we have to borrow money to do it with."


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